Back to Office Transition – 06/05/2021

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The transition from working remotely to returning to your place of work can feel difficult especially as the world begins to return to normality (somewhat).
We have outlined 3 key tips to help make the transition from working from home to working on-site:
1.) Make your workspace as productive and comfortable as possible – removing clutter from your desk/office and making it more suitable for you is perfect for motivating you to be more productive and will make the transition from working remotely to working on-site much easier.
2.) Stick to a routine – when you’re back in the office, any routines formed while working from home may be lost as they may not feel as necessary but having a routine can ease stress and help you to plan your time out better, ultimately resulting in a more productive day.
3.) Maintain good communication – working from home requires constant transparency and communication with fellow employees. Maintaining this communication is essential even when working at the office to ensure productivity.



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