Cashflow Forecasting and Property – 31/01/2022

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Why having a cashflow forecast is imperative for your property business

Whether you are taking the first plunge into the world of property or you already have an established portfolio, having a cashflow forecast will make the process of managing your properties far simpler. You need cashflow to ensure you are physically able to invest if you are just starting out – forecasting these expenses and budgeting accurately will help you to plan effectively and outline possible unexpected expenses.

If you have already began building your portfolio, cashflow is still just as important; the process of growing your portfolio means you will be taking on more debt. Having cashflow behind you will help fund future investments as well as maintaining and developing your current properties.

Property is a great way to invest your money – as long as it is done right. Knowing where to start with forecasting cashflow can seem like an impossible task. For a free cashflow template, email us at or call us on 01992 714010



The world of Property is a difficult one to master, even more so in the current state of the world. Knowing what mistakes to avoid and what advice to follow can be challenging – so we have made it simple:

Our Director Andrea L Richards has written an E-Book on the most common mistakes made by the Property Sector and expert advice on how to avoid and overcome them.

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