Checklist for creating proposals as a Tradesperson – 07/09/2022

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You may be surprised at how many tradesmen fail to have a standardised process for building proposals and contracts before starting work.
We have put together a checklist guide containing key information that should be included within a proposal so that everything can be made clear between you and your client before starting work:
  • Introduction to yourself and/or your business
  • Work scope – description of the services, labour and materials required
  • Plans and permits required as well as copies of documentation
  • Outlining costs of any additions that may arise
  • Per unit particulars for materials
  • Timescale of works
  • Breakdown of costs and total
  • Terms and conditions/agreement

Top tip: Using software to automatically generate proposals as well as store them will make the process more efficient and save ample time when you are invoicing a new client.

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