Allowable Expenses Construction Workers can Claim – 16/03/2021

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Knowing the allowable expenses that you are entitled to claim as a construction worker can be vague or confusing, so we have made it simple:

Allowable Expenses Construction Workers Can Claim:

  • Tools

Any tools required to complete your work, materials used onsite, business insurance or maintaining equipment

  • Travel Expenses

A portion of your motor expenses can be claimed as an expense if you travel for work. You can claim for petrol/diesel costs, maintenance and repairs, MOT, and parking. You can claim 75% of mileage claims – you can claim £0.45 on your first 10,000 miles and £0.25 after that.

  • Internet costs

Use of the internet to find work online or anything else work-related can be partially claimed. Using a mobile phone for work to answer calls or send emails is an allowable expense. Printer ink, stamps and stationery can also be claimed.

  • Protective Equipment

You can claim for any necessary protective equipment, such as overalls, Hi-Viz vests, protective trousers, hard hats, gloves etc. On top of this, you can claim for any laundry costs that are associated with cleaning/maintaining this protective equipment.

  • Home Office

If you work from home, either generating invoices or quoting clients, you can claim part of your home bills on your tax return.





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