Small Businesses and Preparing for 2021 – 27/01/2021

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There is no denying the difficulties that have hit the business world during 2020 – particularly small businesses. Knowing how to grow from a gruelling year is imperative to continuing your business success.

1.) Prepare for the unexpected

While no-one would have been prepared for a nationwide lockdown as the result of a global pandemic, it is important to formulate some solid foundations on which you can fall back onto if a crisis was to arrive.

Assess and re-organise the important business structures that are imperative to the smooth running of your company; ensure you have crisis plans in place to ensure these structures are able to run effectively no matter the circumstances.

2.) Go digital

While the ‘old-fashioned way’ of doing things may work for you, ensuring you have systems implemented through which you can access important information is important.

The Coronavirus lockdown saw many employees working from home, so ensuring your employees have access to the adequate equipment and software so they can efficiently fulfil their roles is important. Going digital makes it easier to keep track of documents and key information for all staff to share and have access to.

3.) Adapt and change routines

The national lockdown saw many businesses having to reinvent their regular routines and stray away from the familiar continuity many had become accustomed to.

Use the sudden shift in routine to stray away from your normal routine and try new things with your business; many business owners become complacent and fail to adapt old systems and routines to more efficient practices. Evaluate the changes you had to make and assess whether they could be introduced full-time.

Knowing how to take control of your business finances to maximise profits can be difficult, especially with the current climate. Knowing the common mistakes to avoid can be difficult and can leave you feeling unsure.

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Written: 27.01.2021

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