Managing Admin in Construction – 29/09/2021

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The admin side of running a business and completing work is a tedious and begrudging task for any businessowner, but for those in the Construction Industry, the task can seem near-impossible. The Construction Industry is notorious for being left behind in the digital age – many firms within the sector continue to operate using traditional methods which are often undigitised which results in missing information and undocumented work.

Knowing where to begin when managing paperwork – whether it be client paperwork, building planes, invoices – is an overwhelming task that is often avoided which creates a plethora of problems. Creating an effective system of admin management does not have to be as tiresome and difficult as it appears.

Introducing automated data management would, not only reduce the risk of human error in data entry, but would speed up the process entirely and would make the workflow far more efficient so you are able to focus your time and energy into other areas of your business. As well as this, creating a process involving a full-breakdown of services and their costs when invoicing clients avoids the common issue of additional work not being charged for and ensures it is completed before the work is carried out.

Online software such as Senta allows you to keep up-to-date with outstanding work you have to complete as well as any upcoming deadlines so it is strongly recommended to look into an online tool you can use to create a more efficient process of managing your workload.

If you’re business is struggling to keep up-to-date with Companies House and HMRC regulations and deadlines, Accounts Navigator has a Company Secretarial team on hand to alleviate this pressure and free up your time. If you are interested in these services, please give us a call on 01992 714 010 or email us at



The Construction Industry is certainly a difficult one to master – turning your hobby into a career comes with plenty of ups and downs. Knowing the key mistakes to avoid and the top tips to follow is essential for any business.

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