Our Process

We work with you as partners. You’ll have an entire team of accountants, administrative and payroll experts working for you, making the financial side of contracting beautifully simple.

Day 1

We will sit down together and dig into your goals to find out what matters to you most. From this we can develop a plan of direction together to accelerate your business development and growth, maximise income, all whilst saving you time and stress by handling the financial side of your business.


Initial Meeting

Proposal Completed


Digital Set-up Complete

Welcome Pack

Proposal Completed

To help your business run more effectively and keep financial reporting more clear and concise we have modernised accounting and adapted a paperless approach. We will set you up on our digital software’s and send out to you your welcome pack outlining our plan and responsibilities.

Month 1

Your on-boarding process is complete, we have all the information requested from yourself or your previous Accountant. With this information we can advise where you can be more tax efficient and ways you can circulate sales so that we can start to make a difference.


Onboarding Complete

Business Assessment


Planning Ahead

Ways You Can Improve

Month 3

With 3 months worth of financial reporting we will be able to tell you your current position; what this may look like for the year ahead, how we can change workflow to help boost profits and cut unnecessary spending. Helping you to budget for the upcoming periods and forecast for better spending.

Month 6

In month 6 we will be able to measure your progress by transforming your paperwork into reports that show your business performance concisely and accurately. We will explore your current working methods and consider ways to work smarter, this could be outsourcing, reviewing current suppliers etc.


Measure Progress

Explore Avenues


Tax Planning

Gloss Reviews

Month 9

The quarter before your financial year end is crucial. We look at your spending, estimate what your tax bill will look like for your year-end and what we can do in the last quarter to reduce this bill.

Month 12

We will prepare your Year-end accounts and invite you for a meeting to explain your numbers. We will create new plans, goals; direction for your future with the accurate reports and information we have. Advising of changes that can be made to ensure continuous growth for your business.


Year End Finalisation

Meeting & Sign-off


Discuss other Products & Areas

Business Escalation


Rest easy, safe in the knowledge that all your financial obligations will be fulfilled properly, efficiently, and in plenty of time. With an entire team working on your accounts, there’s always someone available who knows your business and can provide valuable insights that help you make informed decisions.


We'd be good together!