Photography Tips for Realtors – Accounts Navigator Associates – 16/11/2020

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While hiring a professional photographer saves the hassle of attempting to work out the correct angles or lighting, this an expense you could save yourself by simply following a few steps:


When potential buyers are viewing a property, there is nothing less appealing than messy and cluttered rooms. The real purpose of photographing your property is to allow the viewer to visualise themselves living there; having an untidy room shifts the focus from the actual potential of the property. While they may be slightly obvious, some basic preparation tips include removing all rubbish from visibility in photos, putting down toilet seats, opening curtains/blinds and ensuring all beds are made. These simple tips will be majorly effective in showing off your property’s full potential.


It is commonly thought that bright colours in a property help to showcase the personality and character of a property. While this may be the case for your personal home, this may not work for a property you are looking to sell. Ensuring you have neutral tones throughout your property — within the walls, floors, and furniture — keeps it looking classy yet still leaves a lot to the imagination of the potential buyers. If you have bright walls or flashy furniture, the individual viewing may be distracted and not note the potential of the rest of the property.


Having the perfect lighting is essential when photographing property, so ensuring you take these in the golden hours of the early morning or late evening will reduce the effect of harsh sun light.


Wanting your listings to stand out from the competition is desired by all realtors. To accomplish this, photograph the features of a property others would never think to. When searching for property online, people want to see all the details of the home they are potentially buying. Photographs of the exterior of each room is standard but including photos of the unique and special mechanics that are hidden within the property — the most mundane thing can become a unique selling point.


Paying attention to the details in your photographs can make all the difference when advertising your property. Positioning your camera so you have the perfect view of your room that shows off all the potential while still bearing in mind any background nuances that could hinder the value of your property is important when trying to be your own photographer.

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