Rental Reforms ban Section 21 Evictions – 29/06/2022

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A new Rental Reform Bill for England introduced by the Government has seen Section 21 evictions – also known as no-fault evictions – become illgeal.

The reform aims to protect tenants and ensure all private renters are able to access safe and secure living accommodation.

Under this Bill, it will be illegal for landlords to impose blanket bans on tenants who are in receipt of benefits or families with children. It will also be easier for tenants to share their homes with pets with all tenants having the right to request a pet and landlords not being able to unreasonably refuse.

The bill will also aim to standardise rental conditions – the Decent Homes Standard will be enforced in the private rental market meaning homes must meet a certain health and safety standards. The Rental Reform will make it easier for tenants to challenge things like unjustified rent increases and obtain funds for poor quality living accommodation.



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