The Construction Playbook – 21/12/2020

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The Construction Playbook outlines how the government will work with the construction sector to ensure a faster, better and greener delivery of public works.

Launched on 08 December 2020, the Playbook details how both the government and the industry can work better together to modernise the delivery of public works. It outlines green initiatives for the construction industry to minimise greenhouse gas emissions of projects.

After the industry contributed around £117bn to the UK economy as well has 2m jobs in 2018, the Construction Playbook outlines what is expected of the sector from the government with regards to public works such as: roads and railways, lines and schools and hospitals and prisons.

The Playbook also outlines the key role the construction sector will play in both the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and work to bring greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero by 2050.

Some of the measures outlined in the Playbook include:

  • Promoting the use of carbon assessments
  • Providing greater certainty to industry through long-term plans for key programmes, including: longer term contracting
  • Incentivising the industry to innovate by focusing on output rather than micromanaging
  • Modernising construction by embedding digital technologies including UK Building Information Management Framework.
  • Greater focus on building positive relationships with contract management between project leads and industry
  • Investing more in training and apprenticeships

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy of 2017, the Construction Playbook makes it clear that safety must be at the heart of everything the construction industry does.

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