What you need to submit a Tax Return

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The tax year for 2022/23 ended on 05 April 2023, and we have provided a handy checklist guide of the documents that you may need to complete your return. Make sure you have everything ready to avoid any unnecessary delays or penalties. We also advise all individuals who need to file a tax return to do so as soon as possible. Filing early means you will have a clearer understanding of how much tax you owe, allowing you more time to plan and prepare for the payment deadline of 31 January 2024.


  • Invoices
  • Bank Statement
  • P60/P45 (if applicable)
  • Property Rental Income (if applicable)
  • Dividend Income Statements
  • Any benefits received
  • Interest Income Statements
  • CIS Statements (if applicable)


  • Supplier invoices
  • Credit Card Statements
  • All business expenses
  • Mileage sheet
  • Home office sheet

Additional Information (if applicable):

Don’t wait until the last minute and risk missing the deadline. Get your tax return completed now and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your taxes are taken care of. And as always, if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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